Pro Football Players Offer Sweet Proposals

There’s no way to say that football players aren’t romantic. These are the sweet stories of how NFL stars such as Glenn Dorsey and Anthony Fasano, Toby Gerhert and Toby Gerhert — along with Chad Henne, Chad Henne, Franklin De’Sean Weatherspoon, Christopher Harris Jr. and Kyle Van Noy — got engaged.

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Tiffany Orlovsky & Dan Orlovsky, Quarterback of the Detroit Lions

Philadelphia was the scene It was quite simple: Tiffany received flowers from Dan every day of their relationship. He sent her flowers every day except Thanksgiving, along with sweet notes thanking her for everything. Tiffany and her family celebrated Thanksgiving at the house of her aunt, as is their tradition. Naturally, football was on TV and the Detroit Lions, along with Dan, were playing, as they do every Thanksgiving. Tiffany was tired from the large meal and wanted to go home. But her family stopped her and made her stay. Dan knocked at Tiffany’s door. Tiffany answered the door and was shocked to see him! She says, “I was very confused because I saw him on TV in Detroit, and now he is here at my aunt’s and uncle’s house Philadelphia, where he has never been.” Tiffany was stunned and could only say “How did I find you?” Dan told Tiffany that he had something else to give her this week, but it wasn’t flowers and he wanted it to be given to her personally. Tiffany says, “He got down to one knee in front my entire family, knowing how important family is to me, to ask me to marry him.” “I was still shocked and replied with, “Are you freaking serious?” “Still shocked, I replied with, ‘Are you freaking serious?'” Dan had actually left the game right after it, and was escorted by police to the airport. Then he boarded a plane. She says, “It was my biggest surprise and I will never forget all Dan did to make it so special.” Glenn Dorsey is the defensive tackle for the San Francisco 49ers and Tiffany Evans

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How they met: Glenn contacted Tiffany via Twitter and started a year-long conversation (he was from San Jose, she was in Los Angeles). Before their first date, however.

Haimov Jewelers made the ring

How it happened: Glenn proposed to the couple after they had been dating for more than a year. Glenn says, “She is beautiful, caring and educated. She’s also hardworking in her job. I knew she was my perfect match. The proposal was planned by the 49er under the guise of his 30th birthday. It would be an intimate dinner with her mom, her family and her brother (who flew in to Georgia State University). The couple went to dinner on the anniversary of their first date, July 25th. Glenn walked in front of Tiffany and said, “It would have been an honor to spend my entire life with you.” Although I don’t know how to express my feelings, I can’t help but look at you. But I must know: Will you marry my?” Tiffany was overwhelmed and began to cry. She exclaimed, “Yes!” Halfway through Glenn’s proposal. The couple got engaged in Hollywood’s Playhouse Nightclub.

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Franklin De’Sean Weatherspoon is an Inside Linebacker for Arizona Cardinals & Christine Elizabeth Weston

How they met: “I saved my girlfriend from a guy trying to get her attention. She was clearly upset so I intervened like a man and she acted as if she were my man. Since then, she has been my love.

How it happened: Franklin realized that Christine was everything he wanted in a partner after many years of being together. He says, “beautiful and religious, smart, selfless love, loving, loyal” “Christine saw me as the real me. That’s special!” Franklin was trying to decide the best time and method to propose. He and Christine welcomed Ava Christine Weatherspoon in March 2015. It was “the best day of their lives.” He kept the ring for just over a week before proposing to Christine. He says, “It was her very first Mother’s Day and God wanted it to be one that she will never forget.” Ava, Christine, and he went to brunch at Snooze AM together to celebrate this day. He grabbed Christine’s hands and began to express his love for her as they left the restaurant. As he placed Ava in her car seat, he looked nervous and surprised. Then he got down on one knee and pulled out the “boulder-of-a ring”. Christine was elated and replied, “Yes!”

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Anthony Fasano, Tight End For The Tennessee Titans, and Cary Fasano

How they met: They were both living in Miami at the time and set up mutual friends to create a new friendship. Engagement date: December 13, 2013