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This winter wedding day was about having fun, dancing, drinking and celebrating. Learn more about our WED2B Real Weddings section.

Laura and Darren met for the first time in 2011. Laura laughs, “It was a camping vacation with Darren and his entire family!” Four years later, Darren proposed to Laura on a Mexican beach. Laura says that Darren had first asked my mother permission to ask me. It was a nice touch. He then set up a private candlelit dinner at the beach. It was very windy and we were sitting right next to the ocean, so I went to the bathroom to tie my hair. When I returned, he had put the ring box on my tablemat and was on one knee. I cried for five more minutes before I could say anything to him!

Dream Dress Shopping

Laura purchased her dress at WED2B’s Solihull shop in September 2016. She says that the ladies were extremely helpful and she didn’t feel pressured or rushed to choose a dress. They knew what style would best suit me and they ended up giving me a completely different style than I originally planned. In a panic I visited the Wednesbury store just days before the wedding. My dress was not fitting as I had hoped it would after months of training. They were amazing and I bought some Amixi off the-shoulder sleeves which made a big difference in my dress. Both of the stores I visited were fantastic. They were so kind and helpful. “I could have stayed there all day!”

Beautiful Emmy

Emmy was Laura’s choice of dress in blush. She says that she loved the lace at the bottom and the long, rounded train. I loved the way it pulled me in at my waist. It was a princess-style dress. To add sparkle and break up the dress, I bought an Amixi belt.

The Perfect Location

On 25 November 2017, the couple were married at Weston Hall in Staffordshire. Laura says, “I knew from the beginning that I wanted to marry there. Even before I got engaged.” The venue is beautiful. It is a large manor house that looks amazing when lit at night.

The Ceremony

Laura’s Mum walked Laura down the aisle. “It was beautiful and very emotional,” she said. “We entered to “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri. It still makes me almost cry now. A short, intimate ceremony was chosen with 50 people. It was beautiful and intimate. It was the moment when the registrar announced that we were officially married. This was the most memorable moment. It is hard to wait, but it makes all the planning and stress worth it.

Winter Wedding to Remember

The newlyweds were able to meet everyone after the ceremony, and to thank them all for their support. Laura says, “I chose a winter theme for our wedding because we were getting married in November and the venue was just decorated for Christmas.” I made all decorations and centerpieces. They were tall vases filled with glitter twigs and snowy pinecones that I hand-painted. Darren and me collected all cones and twigs near our house in Cannock Chase. I then painstakingly painted and glittered each one myself!”

Food, Glorious Food

Laura says that the sit-down meal was exquisite. It included soup, chicken Wellington, seasonal vegetables and crushed new potatoes. The dessert was lemon tart. Plus lots more wine and prosecco! So that the speakers could move on to the main event, we did the speeches prior to the meal. They were stunning and there was not a dry eye in this house. My father-in law also created the most beautiful slideshow of photos of Darren, me throughout our lives, and then some wonderful pictures of our relationship.

Sweet Treats

A school friend of Laura’s made the two-tier cake decorated with fresh, pink roses. She now runs a cake shop. Laura’s 10-year old brother chose the red velvet flavor and the salted caramel and toffee tier.


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