What gifts should I bring to a bridal shower?

Have you already shopped their wedding registry? Are you trying to find the perfect gift for your bridal shower? There are many wedding events that can lead to confusion about what gifts to purchase. We are your gifting godmothers, and we can help you find the perfect bridal shower gift idea!

Now that you’ve RSVPed yes to the very cute invitation for your bridal shower, what do you do? Do you also buy a gift for the bridal shower if you are buying a wedding gift? Is the wedding registry the same for both gifting situations? What is the best way to gift your bridal shower?

Bridal Musings is known for being a “buck the trend” company that rejects tradition. We can offer some advice if you want to avoid making a mistake at your bridal shower and not leave empty-handed.

1. First, consult their registry.

I recommend that you take a look at their wedding registry. Even if you already have a gift on their registry, it’s possible to find something smaller and more cost-effective that would be suitable for your bridal shower. You should focus on items that are chosen specifically for the bride.

We’ve also compiled a list of the top 30 wedding gifts for 2022. Many of these are obviously designed to cater to the bride.

Don’t be afraid to not show up with expensive items if they are gone. There are many other options than registering…

2. Ask your fellow attendees what gifts they are giving.

You’re probably not the only one searching for this information at your bridal shower. Ask around if you know of any other guests to the bridal shower and find out their gift ideas for the bride. There may be an “Eureka” gifting solution that will solve your problem at bridal shower.

However, you should always be careful not to take their advice too seriously. You can always move on to the best gift idea for a bridal shower if the vibrator or lingerie they bring doesn’t “match your relationship”.

3. Do not be afraid to ask your future spouse’s parents!

Are you unsure what your bride wants? Your bride’s closest friends will have some suggestions. Do not be embarrassed or shy to reach out to her future spouse or parents. You’re most likely to bring the best gift for your bride by going the extra mile!

4. If in doubt, make a bridal beauty kit.

This guide was inspired by my mom. I suggested a DIY beauty kit or bridal makeup kit after exhausting her host’s bridal shower registry.

Many of the gals I know love expensive beauty products. It’s easy to find a variety of beauty products online, including creams & moisturizers for bath, eye gels, masks & eye patches, and many other products to pamper your bride. Face masks can be fun to bring to the bachelorette party. They also add a new dimension to your bridal beauty routine.

5. Bubbles are a welcome gift that is fun and always appreciated.

A nice bottle of sparkling wine, rose, or champagne is a great gift to bring to a bridal shower, even if the couple is not sober. Most likely, the bride already has plenty of traditional gifts. It’s a pleasure to share a bottle with your girlfriends, or go on a date with your fiance.

Zero-proof mixers have been a hit with foodies this year, especially if she’s sober or doesn’t like alcohol. For a fun, alcohol-free celebration drink set, pair a non-alcoholic craft mixer with edible floral garnishes and dehydrated citrus. Sparkling water or tonic is a great option for spritzes with most zero-proof mixers.

6. Cash money

When we ask our audience to choose between cash or gifts for their wedding registry, the overwhelming majority say they would prefer money. We assume that the same applies to their bridal shower gifts if it is the case with their wedding registry.

Cash is perfectly acceptable if you are unable to find the perfect present or their registry is too expensive. You can find a cute card on Etsy, write a note of congratulations to your bride and stick the cash in there.

You can also use Birdie‚Äôs Cash Registry platform to take the modern route. You only need the bride’s email to create an elegant ecard and your cash gift for bridal shower transfers instantly. It also arrives free of charge for the bride. We have the most sought-after, prized bridal shower gift you can buy!

7. Lingerie is the elephant in the room.

Ooh, tricky question. My mom stated that a lot of people brought lingerie to a bridal shower last year. She asked me, “Am I supposed also to bring lingerie?”

My opinion? If you are 1) certain that it’s the gift she is looking for 2) completely comfortable with the idea and (3) 100% OK with the bride opening your lingerie gift to everyone, you should only bring lingerie. This includes future mothers-in-law and her grandmothers.

It’s not my style to gift (or be gifted) lingerie at bridal showers. However, I understand that it is your choice and your bride’s right to gift lingerie at a bridal shower. These are our top lingerie brands. If you aren’t comfortable, gifting lingerie doesn’t make it a requirement. I will be honest and say that lingerie is more popular at the “bachelorette party”. Panties are, for me, more of a gift you give to your best friend and not something that is “publicly given”. That’s me.

8. By the way, your bride may not always know what gift to give!

The response may be a puzzlement to you, so it’s possible to reach out and ask the bride for ideas on gifts. “Um, I’m not certain!” “You choose!” is a common response. Many brides don’t know what gifts to give for their bridal shower. Most brides are nervous about being the star at a bridal shower. This, along with the wedding planning process, can make it difficult for them to know what gifts they should choose.

You don’t have to know what gift to bring to your bride’s bridal shower. Take that as a sign of weakness and choose one of the suggestions above. We say it is stress-free to choose the bridal shower gift that you feel most at home with.