All About Jennifer Lopez’s Wedding Dress, ‘Marry Me’

Nothing is more nostalgic than a Jennifer Lopez movie about weddings. Universal Pictures’ Marry Me is the next film in the series. J.Lo, the star of romantic comedies such as Maid In Manhattan and The Wedding Planner, has returned to show her romantic comedy skills alongside Owen Wilson and Maluma. However, this Jennifer Lopez movie only reflects a portion of her actual life. Lopez portrays Kat Valdez, a multi-hyphenate who appears to have everything: fame, riches and a Grammy winning partner. The glory soon crumbles when the star-crossed bride-to be discovers that her superstar fiance Bastian, played by Maluma, has been unfaithful to her assistant. Jennifer Lopez is actually wearing a worthy wedding gown that would be appropriate for a pop star.

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Kat Valdez, J.Lo’s daughter, enters Kat Valdez’s concert, feeling heartbroken. She devises a last-minute plan where she elopes to a random fan at her show, holding the sign “Marry Me.” The fan is Charlie, a single girl dad (Owen Wilson), who was dragged to the same concert by Sarah Silverman, his daughter. She exclaims, “I will marry” and she continues to breathe.

Details about the ‘Marry Me’ wedding dress

Although Lopez is portrayed as a jilted bride in the film’s final scene, the gown was clearly made for Lopez’s character Kat Valdez who is the most famous superstar in the world. Caroline Duncan, the film’s costume designer, tells The Knot that it had to feel like a dress for a celebrity’s wedding as well as a televised concert. It’s a Cinderella moment, layered with all the expectations that pop stars have. We could have gone slinky or Vegas. It could have gone many different ways. Jennifer and the director wanted it to be romantic and classically romantic.

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The backstory was written by Zuhair Murad, a Lebanese fashion designer. It included more details and offered a range of options. Jenifer has a strong relationship with Zuhair Murad, a designer. Duncan says that we looked at everyone and started to look [most] during bridal fashion week.” We started to send images of what was going on live, and they were putting things in front her. She was gravitating towards larger dresses and skirts. Everyone was willing to lend at least 15 dresses. Jennifer is a joy to work with and looks stunning in all of her dresses. Zuhair sent two dresses to Jennifer, both from the runway. They had never been made and the winner was clear when she put it on.

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Duncan refers to the piece as “its own character” in the film. She says, “It is the most heavy garment I have ever designed as a costume designer.” It weighed in excess of 80 pounds. Because it was so large, it needed five people to transport it. It was obvious that it wasn’t just the two of them. That dress was a representation of their volume and what was between them.

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Kat tearsfully addresses the crowd, reciting the Page Six “exclusive” about her fiance cheating. She has been through many marriages at this point, like Lopez. She shines brightly and conveys strength during her wedding, which is live-streamed worldwide. Duncan says that the gown has the romantic silhouette of a fairytale dress. It has the sentimental elements that a little girl would imagine for a fairytale wedding. It’s not white. It is made of rose gold and champagne… it has a cathedral-like quality.”