Here’s how often a relationship expert believes you and your fiancée should have a date night

Experts agree that it is important to prioritize your relationship and make time for date nights, regardless of how long you have been married. This is especially important during engagement, when time can be taken up by planning for weddings. It’s important to cross off things on your list, and it’s something you will do together. But making time for each other so you can focus on your relationship is crucial.

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How often should you and your fiancée plan a “date night”? Lauren Grech, founder and CEO of LLG, is an adjunct professor at New York University. She says that fiancees should schedule a date night every other week, regardless of whether it’s a coffee date, or a picnic in the park. You don’t need to have a dinner and a glass of wine, or even a movie at a theatre for date night. Look for activities that your city offers, such as concerts outdoors or movies under the stars. Volunteer together for an hour if you are passionate about a charity or cause. The idea of a date has never been more flexible than it is now. Perhaps you will take a hike together, cook a new dish at home, or rent a film you both love. What you do is secondary as long as you are spending time together.

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You should be less concerned about what your fiance does for you “date”, and more about how much time you spend together. It is important to set aside a few hours each week for your relationship, as wedding planning can be time-consuming. It’s only one day. Your relationship is meant for a lifetime. Prioritizing maintaining a strong relationship is worth the effort.

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Are you looking for creative ways to spend your time together? Grech suggests that you and your partner put down your phones on date night to be fully present. You can also crowdsource ideas for things to do on these dates. She says,

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“If you are looking for creative ideas for date night, ask your wedding guests to create a “Date Jar” for your wedding shower or make an interactive section of your website that allows guests the opportunity to suggest dates based on their love.