Refined Pastel Wedding Colors Work for You


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Do you love pinks, lilacs and baby blues? Or mint greens, peach and periwinkle? We have the perfect wedding theme for your needs. Let’s look at some pastel ideas for wedding inspiration.

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You have the opportunity to show off your personal style at your wedding. Use the colors you love and make it unique. This effect can be achieved with pastel wedding colors!

These softer colors can be used in any season to create a pastel wedding. They are warm and friendly, without being too bold or brash. Pastels are timeless and always in style.


Instead of choosing a brighter, more intense pink, choose a baby-soft pink.

For a cohesive look, use lace and soft accents.

OR, you can use pastels in combination with metallics and modern fabrics to create a sophisticated yet sweet look.

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To complement delicate pastels such as lilac, pale yellow and ivory, use small centerpieces with orchids

Pastels are great with darker colors. You can use them to update dark-toned clothing or lift a dark wood space.


Context is everything when choosing colors for your wedding. How you choose the colors for your attire and accessories will depend on where your wedding is taking place, what flowers are in season, and how your guests dress.

Soft pastels are soft and romantic. They look great on anyone.

Pastel colors are hot for wedding themes. Pastel hues with soft pastel tones are often subtle and clean. What is the result? The result? A refined, delicate feel that makes any event more elegant. Pastel colors are soothing and pale, rather than rich. Pastel colors are lightened with white, making them beautiful accents to white tables or white clothing.

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Everybody has a different preference in terms of wedding colors. Some prefer bright, colorful weddings; others prefer pastels in pastels with pale pinks, powder blues, and springtime yellows.

Your pastel colors will look stunning when you coordinate. You can keep it soft and use coordinating colors to tie it all together. You can use more than one color at each table. Choose colors that are easy to blend, such as blue and pink, green and yellow. Alternatively, ask your florist for a wild-flower-meadow-inspired theme and let the colors play together.

Pastel colors are so beautiful! You can use them to create the light, airy look you want for your wedding. You can make pastels a main part of your wedding design elements. Use them in everything from your bridesmaid dresses to your tableware with accents such as glitter and gold. When planning a wedding it is important to consider every detail. Make sure you stick with what you love and what will work for your big day.

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You can make your wedding elegant and sophisticated with the use of refined pastel colors such as blush pink, pastel yellow and soft lavender.


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