Isolation Style with “Petal and Pup”


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I hope that you are all safe and sound in isolation Petal and Pup. Petal and Pup provided some adorable outfits for iso because we were all stuck inside. It always makes a big difference in my day to get out of bed and shower. I love it when I can change out of my pjs for something more comfortable.

These looks were posted on Instagram, but I have the links to them all here. What outfit combination would you pick for iso days

This button-up long sleeve has been a dream of mine! This top is feminine and cute! I styled it with basic shorts and a simple bag. This top is going to be a favorite of mine right through Spring. LOOK 2

Cosy And Casual Petal and Pup

The top could also be paired with the Dream Pants in Beige. These pants are on my wishlist! It’s been so comfortable to wear around my house, I couldn’t resist taking it out for a day. It is very loose fitting, so it can be worn all day. To make a casual look that could be worn outdoors, I paired it with the Morris Pants. The look looks more indoors if I style the top with the Dream Pants. I cannot wait to style the Morris Pants together with my other wardrobe pieces.

LOOK 3 – CUTE AND FEMININEI could not resist this pretty pink set! This set can be worn together or as separates. The tieback at the back of the top makes it easy to wear, so I’m excited to get out in the warmer months. All of these items were gifted to me by Petal and Pup. They are not endorsed in any way, but they did provide the links. These are not affiliate links. I don’t earn any commissions from the post. It is meant to make it easier for you to find the items.

Shopping online is my favorite way to shop, especially as the seasons change. It’s a great way to get some springtime items! Petal and Pup has so many fashionable options and they are affordable, especially since the weather is warming up.

Online shops are everywhere, and it can be hard to decide between the good and bad. When I saw Petal and Pup (online retailers #1 market place), my first thought was “The stuff looks cute, but how high quality is it?”

I spoke about online shopping tips in one of my sassaritasunday live sessions. These tips can be found in my blog post Online Shopping Tips from the Sassarita. Before I decided to buy from Petal & Pup, I followed my own advice.

I ended up buying three dresses and one pair pants. This post will show you a photo of me showing off my purchases as well as my review.

The item was true to size and fit perfectly. It can sometimes be difficult to find a neckline that is low on smaller chests, so the fit was perfect. The material is heavier than I expected. Although the material is polyester, it doesn’t feel as comfortable as a cotton blend. However, I love this dress and keep it in my closet.

The perfect fit was also achieved with this item! This style cuts is very comfortable because the sleeves don’t rub under the arms. This dress does not have a zipper. You simply unbutton the small latch at your neck and pull it up over your head. Polyester is a comfortable material, but it’s not the most beautiful. This versatile dress is great to have in your wardrobe for summer lunches, or for dressing up for a wedding.

This is the third dress I am dying to wear on the beach. This dress is perfect for a beach cover-up or happy hour outfit. Although the dress fit well, I would advise you to be mindful of the length. This is a medium. It is made from a polyester blend, so it may feel stiffer when you first put it on.

These linen pants were the last item I had in my cart. They were a little smaller than I expected. They have a zipper at my hip, and Petal and Pup are above the belly button. These will make a great summer pant, but I’m not sure if they can be worn throughout the year. They are thin and susceptible to wrinkles due to their linen fabric.

Overall, I was satisfied with my purchases. Anyone who is interested in shopping at Petal and Pup first should check out the selection of dresses. These are the best places to start!


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