Frozone  Background

Lucius is a friend and long-time acquaintance of Mr. Incredible (Bob Parr), and thus, the entire Parr family. He was the best man at Helen Truax and Bob Parr’s wedding. It is believed that he is Bob’s godfather, but this has not been proven in any of the films. Incredibles 2 refers to him as “Uncle Lucius”, but this could just be an affectionate title. Frozone can manipulate water molecules in the air to freeze them, but he is unable use this ability when he is dehydrated. According to the National Supers Agency Frozone tried to represent the United States at the Winter Olympics, but was turned down due to his Super abilities which give him an unfair advantage.

Frozone  Physical appearance

Frozone is tall, slim and has dark skin. Frozone is bald, but has some facial hair. His supersuit is white-and light-blue and can be used with a variety gadgets. To protect his eyes from harmful reflections of the ice, he always wears goggles.

Ability and power

Frozone wields control over ice. Frozone can create ice with his fingertips, but his ability to do so is limited by the moisture content of the air and his own body. He can make water and milk solid, and can congeal gun-wielding enemies while freezing bullets in midair. He was able to freeze fruit punch by will alone as a child without any ice blasts. Although he has limited airborne mobility and not necessarily complete levitation he is capable of maneuvering along coasters made from midair icicles that deteriorate with each step. This allows him to fly a good 100 feet in the air. He can also make leaps and large bounds in the air. He skated across the sky and then hitchhiked to a helicopter.

These boots are made with soles that transform into ice skates or skis. These boots are especially fast thanks to the ice chutes. To protect his eyes against snow blindness, he must wear special goggles that look like Cyclops’ ruby-quartz-visor visor.


  • Incredibles

Frozone, a longtime friend of Mr. Superheroes in the Golden Age of Superheroes was Frozone. Incredible. He can be seen in the beginning of the movie, just after the interview footage, board a helicopter with a hostage. Later, he is portrayed as the best man to Mr. Incredible’s marriage with Elastigirl (Helen Truax). (Bob was late because he was delayed due to the villain Bomb Voyage and the intervention by Buddy Pine made the ceremony even longer.

After Mr. After Incredible is sued by the people he rescued, and loses the cases the Supers are banned. Lucius seems to have had an easier transition to civilian life than Bob. He even married Honey, an apparently normal woman, and they now live in a nice apartment.

Bob then asks Lucius to join him on Wednesdays to save lives, while hiding from his wives by telling them they’re going bowling. Lucius initially was not a fan of clandestine superhero work and asked if they could go bowling instead. However, he eventually relented and admitted that he misses being a Superman, even though he has adjusted to civilian life.

After a close call with Helen and the police, Bob was finally caught by Helen after the act. Frozone was the original target of Syndrome in Operation Kronos. (Before Syndrome changed targets after locating Mr. Mirage can be seen helping two of her friends in the firefighting and hears a radio transmission asking her if she would like to change targets. She responds that Mr.

The one they were searching for is truly amazing. After being presumed dead, Mr. After being presumed dead, Incredible entered Syndrome’s headquarters and learned about Operation Kronos. He was horrified at the list of Supers that had been killed by Syndrome. Bob’s horror grows when he discovers that Frozone is “known” and realizes that Syndrome knows Lucius’ location and intends to target him.

Mrs. Best is also aware of Frozone’s clandestine superhero work. In the second half, he returns to the movie when the Omnidroid V.10 battle robot sent from Pine (now called Syndrome) attacks Metroville (where both families live). It walks past the Bests’ apartment. Lucius, as he is about to leave for a special dinner, attempts to transform into Frozone, but his supersuit is missing. He quickly discovers that his wife has hidden the suit somewhere else in their house. They have been planning the dinner for over two months and he doesn’t want to go out with them. He does find the suit and is able to help the Incredible family defeat the Omnidroid.