Make your wedding photos into a stunning, coffee table-style art book


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I love flipping through a coffee table book of art. This book is a statement about your personal taste. It has a luxurious cover and stunning pages with striking imagery. Here’s an idea. Your wedding album should be the ultimate piece on your coffee table art.

You can create a place to remember your wedding day and then print and bound your photos into an album. We are pleased to introduce MILK Books. They will put as much care into your photo albums than you do. Their intuitive design studio will help you create the perfect wedding album and photo book for any budget. MILK Books combine simple design elements with high-quality materials to create a luxurious blend of simplicity and luxury.

Get started designing with the MILK Premium Photo Album. It is MILK’s most popular wedding photo album. MILK Photo Albums feature heavy art paper pages that are completely flat so that you can fully enjoy each spread.

Another perk: You can personalize each element of your photo book to suit your needs. You can choose from a variety of soft, natural covers made with natural linen fabrics. Or you can make your photo books luxurious with the leather options. You can change the cover design, add your name or favorite quote. MILK offers a wide range of options that can accommodate projects up to 200 pages.

These books can be sent worldwide with priority shipping and are great for creating or gifting. Keep your most memorable day in your wedding album forever. It will be beautiful and you’ll want it to be there forever.

How to Create Your Wedding Album

We have tried the MILK Design Studio for ourselves!

You can select from hundreds of templates to create your album in their intuitive design studio. You can also keep it simple if you prefer. Select the number of images that you wish to include in each spread and the minimum template options will appear. Drag and drop photos from your tablet, smartphone or computer to create a new spread.

MILK offers helpful video tips and guidance to assist you along the way. You can also access a notification checklist that will alert you to pages not completed, so you don’t miss a thing. The 3D preview allows you to virtually flip through the entire album before you buy. This adds to the excitement once you receive the album.

MILK Books

MILK has been renowned for creating the best wedding albums and photo books over the past decade. MILK is handcrafted using premium materials and uses the most recent print technology to preserve your special day. The look and quality of MILK is timeless. We take no shortcuts in producing high-quality milk that will delight your children and their children for many years.


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