Five Things to Know Before You Bake a Wedding Cake


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Five Things to Know Before You Bake a Wedding Cake

Baking a wedding cake is a wonderful experience, but it can also be very daunting. These 5 tips will take the stress out of baking this important cake.

1 Plan

Step 1: Make a plan. You will likely have many images or Pinterest boards with elaborate 5-tier cakes. Take some time to calculate how many guests you will be having and the number of tiers that you will need. This guide will help you determine the size of your cake. Next, decide the theme for the cake. What flavours and how will it look.

2 Bake Your Cake

After you have created your cake plan, choose a reliable recipe and bake it. You can time your test bake around a celebration or birthday to avoid food waste. You can find the right cake flavor for you by looking at our wedding cake recipes.

3 Make a Day-Ahead Cake

Did you know you can freeze cakes? You will be busy the days leading up to the big event. To ease some of the stress, bake your cakes ahead and keep them in the freezer. Advanced baking is another benefit. Fruit cakes can actually develop their flavour over time.

Wrap your cakes in multiple layers of cling wrap to prevent freezer burn. These cakes should be frozen before decorating or icing.

Take the cakes out of the freezer to thaw at least 24 hours prior to the big day. Do not decorate them until they are fully thawed.

4 Make sure the cake structure is sound

A structure will be needed to support the cakes if you plan on making a tiered wedding cake. It could be as simple as placing a thin cake board underneath each cake, and then inserting cake dowels in the middle of each sponge to provide support for the cakes. You can see how to insert cake dowels in a wedding cake in our video.

Consider having a fruitcake layer on top of your cake. This will ensure that the cake is sturdy and not too dry.

5 Other Wedding Cake Options

You don’t have to make a huge wedding cake if you are afraid of the idea. However, if you do want to make something special for someone you love, you might consider making brownies or doughnuts as an alternative. For those who are not afraid to make brownies, we have a foolproof recipe for doughnuts.

We have seen cupcakes become the most popular wedding dessert in recent years, and we’ve seen the rise of doughnuts. This trend has also led to the rise of the doughnut wall, which is a stunning backdrop for displaying your sweet treats on your big day.

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