Tips & Tricks: Choosing the Wedding Cake


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Tips & Tricks: Choosing the Wedding Cake

Now is the time to pick the most stunning wedding cake. The best time to begin looking for the right bakery, and finally the wedding cake, is typically 3-6 months before your big day.

Get Started: How to choose your wedding cake

Start your search online for the most memorable and original wedding cake designs. Check out the websites of wedding planners to read reviews written by happy couples. Next, visit the bakery sites to see photos of their wedding cakes. If the photos are outdated, their nuptial confections will also be out of date. A reputable baker that has received positive feedback from happy grooms and brides will offer a wide range of wedding cake decorations.

After narrowing down your options, you can visit your top choices in person. Talk to a staff member about your top choices and get an image of the cakes you like. A majority of wedding cake specialists have a staff member who can help with ideas and suggestions. If you don’t feel comfortable with the person or feel rushed, then move on to another bakery.

The Cake Tasting

Prior to placing your official order, arrange a tasting date. Try each flavor, even if the one you love best is not available in all flavors. Every cake may have a different flavor depending on the way it is made. Don’t make assumptions; try the cake.

Selecting creative wedding cake designs

Plastic wedding cake toppers are now a part of the modern day. The brides of today prefer to match their color scheme with the wedding cake design. Other brides coordinate their decorations with bridal jewels.

Check out current trends to help you decide the right design. Matching the design of the cake with the bride’s gown is a big trend for this season. Buttercream frosting has also made a big comeback. This traditional frosting has a deeper flavor than modern sugary frostings. Oval is the most popular shape for wedding cakes. While traditional wedding cakes are square, they are also popular. A round-shaped wedding cake can be a big draw and encourages creativity.

Additional wedding cake tips

Do not wait until the last moment to order your wedding cake. This is the first fatal sin in custom-made cake planning. Most successful bakeries order custom wedding cakes months in advance. Sometimes even a year. Some ingredients or toppers for wedding cakes need to be made in-house or special ordered. This is because it’s difficult to create memorable confections. These requirements require time and, in some cases even, experimentation.

A second mistake made by many couples is to ask too many other people for their opinion. The input you receive from friends, family, and your bridal party can confuse you and drive you crazy. Take a few of your closest friends with you to the bakery. It should not be about what design you feel most comfortable with, or makes you happy.


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