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Each year Khas releases new luxury and bent lawn collections. What takes our breath away more is the number of volumes available. Khas is a multi-national brand which has bought out Pakistan’s textile industry through its range of clothing and home goods.

High-quality, innovative designs are what make a brand a household name. This is especially true for Khas, particularly in womenswear. Many women love the brand’s essential designs, which feature attractive prints and distinctive palettes.

We are once more going to be discussing the latest Khas embroidered dress volume 5. While fashion is a major focus for many brands, cultural values are more important to them. KHAS Stores however has a unique idea: restoring the style that values custom and culture through the creation of apparel.

We are pleased to present the latest Khas lawn collection volume 5, 2022. This collection is very affordable, as the brand offers a 35% discount on all items.

This sale allows you to purchase a great suit for Rs 1520. After that, the number of pieces goes up to 3,000. It’s amazing, isn’t? You could now wear a great brand without any extra cost.

Khas Stores Vol 5 Unstitched 2022

Khas Collection’s New Volume 5 is focused on fashion and the importance of culture. Let’s not forget the attractive features of the collection. This lawn collection 2022 was created with great artistry. It features wide colors, different prints, and distinctive patterns.

Each piece is unique in its design and concept. One cannot draw a parallel between them. We need to discuss the pieces according to their price categories. Then we will highlight features that make each range distinct and worth buying.

Khas Printed Lawn Suits 2022

This collection is perfect for casual wear in your everyday life or at work. This collection is simple, stylish and easy to use every day. You can set the tone for your office with the variety of colors available, from bold black and teal to mystic mellow colours to bold black.

The incredible variations of this collection include Turkish Eve, Mughlai and Cheery Noir. Each suite comes with a printed lawn shirt measuring 3.25m, a printed lawn dupatta measuring 2.25m, and a dyed trouser measuring 2.25m. All items are available in Rs 1520 only.

Khas Lawn Suits with Printed Sleeves & Back

These slightly upgraded pieces will carry all the top features and include a great embroidered front shirt and diversely printed sleeves. These suits are more formal and can be carried to markets and other events.

These suites include an embroidered lawn front measuring 1.25m, a printed back and sleeves measuring 2.0 meters, a printed lawn dupatta measuring 2.50 meters, a printed lawn dupatta measuring 2.50 meters, and a printed Trouser measuring 2.50 metres. These are all available at a very affordable price of Rs 2015. The collection includes Dynasty and Slate Mount, Gardenia, Smooky Bloom, and Framic.

Khas Lawn Suits in Lace and Motifs

These suits come with additional features that enhance their charm and grace. This range includes an embroidered front measuring 1.25m, printed sleeves and back measuring 2 meters, 2.5 meter printed bember dupatta, 2.5 meter dyed trouser, and a motif and lace embroidered.

This suit is available at an extremely attractive price of Rs 3399. Day Dream, Choral Mist and Achromatic are just a few of the brilliantly designed pieces in this collection.


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